What professional Seo should avoid?

Seo the “Search Engine Optimization”  is a work done by person which deal with your website and webpages visibility.  Seo makes ranking high of your website in search engines.There are many search engines, from that Google search engine is used widely over the world. So, it becomes necessary to point out what google considered or neglect for making the website visible . The points to be avoided by Seo while doing the optimization of website are

  1. Loading Irrelevant keywords

Keywords are the first thing that you should know & learn about when you start to optimize your website. The keyword should be relevant to your website and user-friendly.

The keyword should be used in content of page of website. But, the content should not be just written for ranking the website by adding just keywords in it without the meaning. For example,  Somnath is a keyword. And the content is “Somnath is a beautiful place .Somnath is a place of workshop. Somnath is a place for everyone, so visit somnath”.  Generally, this is done but it is useless.

  1. Don’t provide fault links

Links are also considered as the main term of the websites. Don’t use the false links to rank your website. The following are the points to be avoided for linking of website:-

  1. Don’t make up a team. You promote my website and I will promote your website.
  2. Don’t sell the links of your website for obtaining the ranking.
  3. If your website has backlinks from blog networks, you are in danger of being penalized.
  4. If you are doing sponsored articles or if you accept such posts on your website, which include adofollow backlink, Google will consider that you are violating their guidelines.
  5. Instead of building hundreds of links from directories, concentrate your efforts on submitting your website on the most popular directories such as Dmoz, Yahoo directory and Best of the web.
  1. Creating page with little or no original content.

The content is the main part  of your website. User read the content of the website and came to know about your website. That why, Google also considered the content as the main term of the website.  For ranking the website, Google Watch out the content is duplicated or not, the content is written just for the sake or it is user friendly.

Give the original content to your website. Don’t make duplicate content. Take only references from other websites, don’t just copy paste the content of other website. Use your creativity to make the content or hire the writer that provide you the original content. As, Google also now focus on content of your website and if it is duplicate, then obtaining rank in Google is difficult.

  1. Don’t do Clocking.

Don’t fool the Google by writing the content which is visible to the search engine, but not to the user.  The black hat Seo uses the following tricks to do that

  1. Writing the keyword of the website in page of same background color. So, that search engine considered that keyword, but user can’t see that keywords. But this doesn’t work now, as Google has updated its algrothims.
  2. Don’t use the keyword=”hidden” in metatag to hide the keywords from user. But visible to the search engine.
  3. By using in display is none in div tag. For example <div style = display:none”>
  1. Avoid sneaky redirect

Sneaky Redirects is a redirection technique that is used to redirect a user to different page with the intent to display the content other than that was made available for search engine crawler. It means sneaky redirects send the web visitor to a different URL than the one the user is requested. This is a technique used in Black Hat SEO.

Some examples of sneaky redirects include:

  1. a) Search engines shown one type of content while users are redirected to something significantly different.
  2. b) Desktop users receive a normal page, while mobile users are redirected to a completely different spam domain.

Keep in mind that 301 redirects are best when moving your site, but you could use a JavaScript redirect for this purpose if you don’t have access to your website’s server.

  1. Doorways are sites or pages created to rank highly for specific search quires.

Doorway pages are created to do well for particular phrases. They are also known as portal pages, jump pages, gateway pages, entry pages, and by other names as well.

  1. One problem with this is that these pages tend to be very generic. It’s easy for people to copy them, make minor changes, and submit the revised page from their own site in hopes of mimicking any success. Also, the pages may be so similar to each other that they are considered duplicates and automatically excluded by the search engine from its listings.
  2. The next step up is to deliver a doorway page that only the search engine sees. Each search engine reports an “agent” name, just as each browser reports a name.

The advantage to agent name delivery is that you can send the search engine to a tailored page yet direct users to the actual content you want them to see. This eliminates the entire “bridge” problem altogether. It also has the added benefit of “cloaking” your code from prying eyes.

  1. Time for one more step up. Instead of delivering by agent name, you can also deliver pages to the search engines by IP address, assuming you’ve compiled a list of them and maintain it.

Everyone and everything that accesses a site reports an IP address, which is often resolved into a host name. For example, I might come into a site while connected to AOL, which in turn reports an IP of (FYI, that’s not real, just an example). The web server may resolve the IP address into an address:, for example.

  1. Don’t Create pages with mailicious behavior, such as phishing or installing viruses, torjans, or other badware.

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