Page speed SEO

Page Speed : Factor you Need to Rethink To Get Rankings for Mobile Web

Since longer, we have remained confused about Page Speed as a ranking factor in SEO. Many resources we found mentioned that fast or slow speed of a website or a page doesn’t affect better or poor rankings. Yet this was true in the past as Google made no announcement of considering speed to assign rank in search results.

Page speed SEO

But now, this thing has been changed – not for desktop version of website but for mobile web. Finally Google has made an announcement to consider page speed as a ranking factor in its mobile-first index. So what does it mean for businesses and how it’s going to change the way they perform SEO for a specific website?

Let’s make some calculation on how things were in the past and how it’s going to be in preceding time. Formerly, as we discussed, site speed or page speed were not part of ranking signals but there was an indirect connection between speed and rankings. Website or pages taking too much time in loading was one of the causes of increased bounce rate and poor user experience which affected the organic rankings for queries performed by users.

In addition, as per Official Google Webmaster Central Blog of 2015, the highest number of people (46%) considered slow pages as most irritating factor when browsing web on mobile device.

Furthermore, sites taking 5 seconds or less resulted in lower bounce rate by 35% and increased page views by 60%.

You might think why businesses should care too much for mobile SEO. Well, mobile users are increasing rapidly since few years and as per a blog by Google, more searches takes place on mobile devices. Therefore, doors to reach to customers have become broad and businesses can grab this opportunity for market growth by having a sharp look at SEO for mobile web. As page speed has been decided as one of the important signals for ranking in mobile results, optimize website speed for mobile devices and make it loading faster than present.


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