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Everything You Need To Know About Bounce Rate

What Is Bounce Rate?

From the Bounce rate, the bounce define by landing your page and without any click leave the page and the rate defines by the percentage of the bounce.

So, bounce rate is the percentage of visitors entering on the landing page and exiting from the same page.

In Digital Marketing, bounce rate is a measure of the behavior of visitors to the website. That’s why it is the important metrics for understanding the website performance.

High bounce rate indicates that visitors are not interested to continue with the site and only view single page without any form of action in the site.

High bounce rate indicates that the website is not attracting visitors for staying more time or doing any form of action within the site.

Is High Bounce Rate Good Or Bad?

It depends on your site.

If your site has multiple pages like products base site and visitors are landing on the only home page and then exit from the same page.

Then Bounce rate is increasing and its bad for your site.

In another hand, If your site has the single page like a blog and article type informative site where visitors enters the website on the landing page and exit from the page.

Then this bounce rate is not bad for your site. Because this type of site expected in a single session.

How Does Google Analytics Calculate Bounce Rate?

The simple way to calculate bounce rate is the total number of visitors viewing only one page is divided by the total number of entries to that page.

For example:

Total Bounces = 1050

Total Entrances = 1500

Bounce rate = 1050/1500*100 = 70%

This result shows that 70% of visitors view only a single page and exit the site from the same page without initiating any other action such as visit other pages.

This below information is generally considered by SEO expert while calculating the measurement of bounce rate of the website.

25% or lower: Excellent

26-40%: Good

41-55%: Average

56-70%: Poor

70% or higher: Bad

Why Visitors Leave Your Landing Page?

There are multiple reasons why visitors leave immediately after entering the site page:

  • Having Too Many Options For A Visitors
  • Images Take More Time For Loading
  • Getting Irrelevant Information On The Page
  • Viewing Low-Quality Content That Hard To Understand
  • Sending The Wrong People To Your Landing Pages
  • Asking For Too Much Information
  • Misleading Title Tag And Meta Description

 How To Reduce High Bounce Rates?

Here are some effective things which implemented in the site will be helpful for high bounce rate.

  • Proper Use Of Call-To-Action
  • Targeting Right Audience
  • Focus on Site Navigation and Images
  • Reduce Page Loading Time
  • Avoid Popups
  • Use A Logical And Useful Internal Link
  • Write Attractive Meta Title And Descriptions
  • Open External Links In New Window
  • Add Related post or product
  • Write Your Content Unique With Effective Formatting


In Digital Marketing, make sure that bounce rate is reducing gradually. So with the help of this tactics, you will reduce the bounce rate on your site and also boost your conversion rates.

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