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Re-Engineering Project

Embedded s/w Develop

Enclosure Design/ Plastic Prototyping



Embedded metering solution

Embedded Metering Systems have been designed for not only industries but for homes as well. Industries use it for temperature monitoring & controlling and in homes....

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Embedded automotive solution

Accidents due to high speed, excessive amount of light while driving etc have created a need to finding a solution for controlling all these issues in automotive industry .....

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Wearable Electronics

Embedded Wearable technology

Embedded wearable devices have been made many tasks easy to manage for human. Many devices have been developed for varieties of tasks in different industries....

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Medical Devices

Embedded system for healthcare

Embedded systems in Healthcare industry have shown huge improvement in medical field. In preceding time, it was difficult not only to keep continuous eye on patients' condition....

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Industrial System

Embedded Industrial solution

Different businesses use embedded systems for various purposes. Many industries such as energy, transportation, industrial machinery manufacturing company etc....

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Consumer Electronics

Embedded consumer electronics

Embedded consumer electronics have shown advancement in creating a secure environment. For instance, many places as a room containing private data need to....

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If you want to become sure about having an embedded system development for your business before coming to a final conclusion, We offer a special program namely Research & Development to check market scenario, requirements & estimated future performance related to your thoughts on owning an embedded system.

Services We Offer

  • In detail research on tools & Technology
  • Market Scenario
  • Future Enhancements
  • Proof of Concepts
  • On time delivery


Raspberry pi

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GPS Tracker

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Door Security System

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Temperature Data Logger

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